Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Second Chances! (Winners and Tough Chik Style!)

A few housekeeping things I have been slacking on...

Despite trying to contact the winner myself, I never heard back for my Raw Threads winner. So I picked a new one....
Tweetyscute @ Lala and me


After trying to the contact the winner for my Color Me Rad 5K race entry, they never surfaced...
Next up is...
My fellow Tough Chik teammate TMB @ Racing with Babes

Pretty pretty please contact me to claim your prize!
sgrigely at hotmail dot com

Another 2nd chance....

To join Team Tough Chik!
If you want to join an awesome group of Chiks...
Supportive Chiks
Badass Chiks
Running Chiks
Cycling Chiks
Triathlon Chiks

Then I suggest you head HERE fast!
If I'm halfway decent at counting, I think you only have 5 days left to join for the year.

Total was a no sugar FAIL, but a Running Win!
I ran 5 miles of awesome speedwork this morning, but the work bakesale left me craving more sweets & feeling like crud. Up in the morning for a Brick workout, and a no sugar day!

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So awesome! Super excited!


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